Improve Your Diet With These Healthy Foods


Eating healthy is beneficial not only because it helps us to stay in good physical shape but also because it benefits our body giving the necessary nutrients in the best possible way. But we can not deny that from time to time we sin and eat something that is not on the list of “healthy foods.” Cravings are inevitable, but we can replace them with better options.

Healthy Food In Dubai:

The mayonnaise is one of the easiest to commit sins even if we eat is low in fat. To quench that craving for something to accompany meals, you can replace mayonnaise with natural Greek yogurt. This product is not sweet like normal yogurts, and you can even add some spices to give it more flavor.

Inside the salads, one of the healthiest dishes, also hide some enemies for our diet food like croutons. You can prepare the same dish by replacing them with almonds or unsalted nuts that have twice the protein and triple the fiber but with a third of the carbohydrates.

healthy food dubai

During the day, many of us crave a sweet especially chocolate. It is not bad to eat one from time to time but keeping it as simple as possible and without overdoing it. A good replacement for traditional chocolate bars is the dark chocolate because the darker the chocolate, the lower the amount of sugar and milk getting as close as possible to the original cocoa.

You propose to watch a movie, and you feel like something rich to eat while you enjoy it. The court is the first thing that comes to your head and is very good as it has less fats and salt than other snacks, but the way of preparation is important. You should try to make them without oil so as not to increase the consumption of calories and not to give them too much salt. Another healthy option is almonds or walnuts.

Has not happened to you that you are thirsty and you crave something with gas? The first thing you could think about buying is a diet soda that, although they claim to have no sugar, does not have any nutrients in its composition. The best option to replace them is the carbonated mineral water and if the excuse is that the taste is not to your liking, add a few drops of lemon which will also add vitamin C to the drink.

Lastly, did you know that lettuces are much better than traditional lettuces? Although the caloric content in both is low, the Roman ones contain more vitamin A and K than the other types. This type of lettuce has the leaves a little bigger and less thick but more crisp.

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